Reach your Carriers Wherever They Are

Your carrier partners work in all sorts of ways. Don't make them install apps or log into web portals just to perform simple interactions. Reach them by their preferred channels.

Capture quality data from carriers in a way that is easy for them to work with.
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Request capacity effortlessly.

Send capacity requests to carrier partners.

Organize your carriers into groups for easy outreach.

Negotiate rates from one interface.

Collaborate with your colleagues to ensure every load is covered.

Driver Experience on WhatsApp

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The Right Documents in Place, On Time

Send document requests to carriers so they can easily upload an image or document from their desktop or phone.

Gain visibility into which document requests are outstanding, and organize your efforts by document type (POD, Gate Receipts, Freight Condition Images, etc.)

Driver Experience on WhatsApp

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Capture Driver Location & Status Painlessly

Drivers & Dispatchers each have their own communication preferences for how they wish to interact when providing shipment updates.

Reach them in the ways they are most responsive.

Capture GPS & Status data to automatically update your TMS via integration.

Driver Experience on WhatsApp

Flexible & Smart

Shared inbox business messaging

Send Messages as a Team

Logistics teams need to be on the same page about what's happening with critical shipments. Rather than having conversations in silos and on personal channels, bring the team together to communicate with drivers over multiple popular messaging channels.

When your operations team has a shift change, team members clocking in can easily take over midstream conversations from the prior shift.

messaging automation

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Reduce Check Calls With Automation

Integrate with your TMS, ERP, or Visibility system to fire templates to drivers to resolve common cases and exceptions, such as:

• Load Offers
• Appointment Reminders
• Track & Trace (location requests, arrive/depart signals, and more)
• Document Requests (Proof of Delivery and more)

Example: If shipment is marked delivered in TMS and Proof of Delivery is not collected within 4 hours, send request to driver number on file.

Unleash Vendorflow's Eliza chatbot capability to handle common back-and-forth cases with drivers.

Flexible & Smart

Texting solutions

Business Texting Your Way

Start simply with a dedicated phone line provisioned by us, or enable your existing business line with texting. Choose between 10DLC or toll-free.

All packages start with SMS & MMS. Choose additional channels you and your contacts care about most, and we will enable them:

• Android RCS
• WhatsApp
• Telegram
• Facebook Messenger
• Google Business Chat
• Apple Business Chat

Driver Experience

Flexible & Smart

Boost Driver Satisfaction

Truckers want to work with partners who are easy to work with. By reaching where they are, by their preferred channels, you make their daily work easier.

No more begging them to install a tracking app, no more training them on special interfaces, no more supporting them through the "forgot password" process. Just get the work done in the channels they already know and love on their phones.

Flexible & Smart

API & Integrations

Power Your Workflows & Control Your Data

Vendorflow is a workflow & communications layer upon your core systems (TMS, CRM, ERP) so you can tie communications into your everyday interaction workflows. Power workflow automations by using your system's events to fire Vendorflow templated messages for resolution by the driver.

Leverage our APIs for audit trail visibility into the who what and when for your operation's communications.

Upgrade your trucking quote process.

Upgrade your logistics communications.

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