Spot Market Quotes Your Way.
Request quotes effortlessly. Access the data you've always wanted.
Vendorflow is bringing Freight Brokers, Forwarders, Shippers, and Carriers together with TMS-agnostic communications workflow solutions, starting with the first Chrome Extension for securing rates & capacity from carrier partners.

Effortless Quote Requests

Quote Creation

Create and send spot quote requests as easily as selecting a template. For your regular lanes, Vendorflow will remember the common details and which vendors you typically include in the quoting process.

Vendorflow offers a chrome extension so you can easily access and monitor urgent quote requests without getting lost in a sea of browser tabs.

Take Control of Your Data

Reporting & Data Access

When your vendors communicate rates via traditional informal communication methods, you are losing the opportunity to capture, analyze, & generate reports with that data.

Gain visibility into which vendors are most responsive and offer the best rates. Filter reports by vendor or lane for actionable insights to run your business better and provide vendor feedback.

Extend Your TMS


Leverage your TMS to eliminate double-entry of shipment details and sync with your carrier partner contacts for a seamless way to request quotes & capacity from carriers.

Vendorflow white-labels your communications so that your carrier partners experience branded, familiar touchpoints that are easy for them to interact with.

Endless Outreach Potential


Deliver requests to carrier partners to achieve the best engagement and response speed. Send requests by email, SMS, or automatic phone call to reach carriers where they are.

With one click, notify your carrier partners to secure rates & capacity faster than ever so you can move onto other tasks.

See sample automatic phone call below:

Your Vendors, Organized.

routing guide

Dump the spreadsheets your team maintains that tracks which vendors service which lanes. Vendorflow will automatically create and maintain your routing guide based on which vendors your team naturally uses for different purposes, and how engaged those vendors are.

Shared Team Access

Team collaboration

Cut the email back-and-forth and enjoy shared quote access within your team. Quote details like status, vendor responses, and awards in one easily-accessible centralized source of truth.

Upgrade your trucking quote process.
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