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Shared inbox texting, supercharged so you can:

Logistics calls for an integrated
You need a better way to communicate with carriers than traditional offline methods, without requiring carriers to adopt new software.

Who uses Vendorflow?

What's included?

Truck Fleets

Dispatchers, Driver Recruiters, & Safety professionals use Vendorflow to communicate with company drivers and independent contractors in the field.

Freight Brokers

Carrier Sales & Track-and-Trace teams use Vendorflow to engage drivers & carriers without requiring app install and to book shipments with less effort.

Ports & Terminals

Ports & Terminals use Vendorflow for SMS Operational Alerts to inform the motor carrier community and other mobile stakeholders with timely updates.

The Problem

Operations teams are most effective engaging truckers & frontline workers via text messaging vs. email, but traditional mass-market VOIP & texting software is not built for operations & frontline work.

❌ Operations teams struggle to keep organized in high volumes & collaboration suffers
❌ Safety features are lacking to mitigate texting-and-driving risk
❌ Tons of data is exchanged via texting yet it is not structured nor integrated with critical systems

The Opportunity

By leveraging the latest in texting tech and integrating comms with your ELD, TMS, and ERP systems, you can set up your business to grow revenue faster than you grow headcount.

Supercharge your operational efficiency
⚡ Adopting the "shared inbox" comms model to stay organized as volumes increase
⚡ Driving time-savings and automation via core system integrations:

The Solution

Vendorflow provides a complete shared-inbox messaging & VOIP communications hub uniquely suited for operations teams in trucking, logistics, and frontline work.

✅ Reach people where they are: SMS, In-Cab ELD messages & more
✅ Broadcast alerts to keep stakeholders informed
✅ Capture GPS, images, signatures, custom survey responses without the friction of installs or logins
✅ Flow structured data from texting channels into core systems
✅ Automate your systems to trigger texting workflows with workers

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What is Shared Inbox Texting?

What's included?

A shared inbox enables a team to share a phone line in an organized and efficient manner where everyone can be "on the same page." It is ideal for operations teams who communicate with frontline workers such as truck drivers. Frontline workers can text a single line (e.g. "dispatch"), and operations can enjoy visibility and continuity for active conversations and easy handoff during shift changes.

Operations users retain their distinct identity so there are clear records for who said what that is clear to all stakeholders. Conversations can be assigned to specific team members to engender a culture of clear ownership and accountability.

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What's included?

For Logistics Pros

Trucking Fleets, Freight Brokers, Ports, and Terminal Operators use Vendorflow to communicate with truckers & frontline workers every day.

Our customers span drayage, truckload, automotive hauling, customs, freight brokerage, and ports.

Worker Friendly

Vendorflow is designed with truckers & frontline workers in mind.

With no app to install, we make your operation's ability to communicate with workers in the field as frictionless and easy as possible via SMS, Fleet In-Cab Tablet Messaging, Social Messaging, and more.

Workflow Ready

Vendorflow is built for managing operational communications at scale. Boost operational efficiency with our templates, chat automation, or logistics-specific workflows.

Integrate Vendorflow into your core systems via our APIs to save even more time.

"Using Vendorflow instead of email has saved us from an extensively laborious document signature & retrieval process saving countless man hours."
– Senior Drayage Dispatch Manager
NFI Port Services
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"We chose Vendorflow because we needed a shared inbox texting solution for trucking communications. In addition to keeping our operations team in sync, Vendorflow's ease-of-use and shortcuts have reduced the need for manual check calls, making it a key part of our operation."
– AM Transport Services
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