The Communications Layer of Logistics

Reach your carriers wherever they are, so you can:

You need a more sophisticated way to interact with carriers than traditional methods, without requiring carriers to adopt new software.

The Problem

Traditional carrier interaction involves a flurry of ad-hoc communications that are difficult to track, structure, or learn from.

Requiring carriers to log into dozens of Mobile Apps & Web Portals to provide basic information for their customer partners is a cumbersome and impractical solution.

The Solution

Reach your carriers where they are, however they wish to be reached.

Whether by SMS, Android Messages, WhatsApp, or beyond, you should be able to capture structured responses like shipment bookings, documents, & location data.

Common communication workflows should be handled with messaging automation.

Responses should flow into your system of record as structured data, where you can gain insights to improve your processes further.

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What's included?

For Logistics Pros

Freight Brokers, Forwarders, and Shippers use Vendorflow to upgrade their communications and workflow with their carrier partners.

Our solutions fit everyday carrier interactions for FTL, LTL, Drayage, and Automotive Hauling.

Carrier Friendly

Vendorflow is designed with carriers in mind to minimize communications friction and respect communication preferences.

Gain reportable insights into your carrier interactions to support deeper carrier relationships and grow beyond Tribal Knowledge culture.

Painless Setup

Say goodbye to multi-month software implementations. Pilot our software in under a month for a specific carrier interaction and see if it's right for you.

Integrate Vendorflow into your core systems via our APIs to further streamline carrier interaction workflows and enable messaging automation.

I was copy-pasting capacity requests to my carriers via email & SMS and it was a mess to manage. Vendorflow keeps my carrier outreach organized so I can focus on growing my business.
- Freight Broker Agent
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Upgrade your logistics communications.

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