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Flexible & Smart

Document processing and Vendorflow partnered to provide a comprehensive logistics management solution that leverages the strengths of both companies.

With Vendorflow's strength in capturing structured data and documents via mobile messaging channels, and's strength in processing data and documents to automate workflows, we are able to provide a holistic logistics solution to streamline operations and boost efficiency.

The partnership allows for seamless communication and collaboration between logistics teams, external stakeholders, and systems of record, enabling logistics organizations to achieve greater visibility and control over their operations.


Flexible & Smart

Avant Communications

AVANT and Vendorflow partnered to provide logistics organizations with world-class unified communications as a service (UCaaS) telephony solutions at special preferred rates.

With a 15-minute consultation, we can run an RFP and provide quotes from the leading telephony providers at rates below what is available to the general public. AVANT and Vendorflow bring together top providers based on your requirements such as 8x8, Vonage, RingCentral, DialPad, and more for the best RFP outcome.

AVANT is a platform for IT decision-making and the nation’s premier distributor for next-generation technologies. AVANT provides unique value to its extensive network of Trusted Advisors with original research, channel sales assistance, training, and tools to guide decision-making around IT services that promote business growth. From complex cloud designs to global wide-area network deployments to the latest in security services, AVANT sets the industry standard in enabling its partners and clients to make intelligent, data-driven decisions about services, technology, and cost-effective communications.

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